We're all for 'make love not war', which we know means in theory that we should also be about 'make accessories, not vicious animal poaching'... and yet we just can't get behind a new line of necklaces called "SnareWear." The line of adornments is from snares used by former poachers, and honestly, the whole endeavor is one of the cockamammie ideas dreamt up by some Western non-profit group (in this case, the Wildlife Conservation Society) to get poachers out of poaching and into "green" co-ops that teach alternate skill sets. We also have a hard time believing 1) that former poachers love wearing their new necklaces 2) that former poachers are super-stoked by the idea of becoming organic beekeepers and 3) that this whole thing isn't just another example of the white man poaching on his African brothers.
Making Necklaces to Change Lifestyles and Preserve Wildlife [NYT]