The Washington Post reports that a jewelry, fashion, and fragrance designer with a background in human-rights law named Symine Salimpour has a new scent called Shiloh. She began developing the fragrance more than a year before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bestowed that name upon their daughter. Last year, Jolie filed a legal challenge to block the use of the name, but dropped the charge about a month ago. So, what does Shiloh smell like? "It is a complex fragrance," a writer explains. "The forward notes, the ones that hit your nose first, are cedar wood and patchouli. Rising above that earthy base are delicious whiffs of citrus (thanks to a dab of bergamot oil) and rose petals."

Shoppers should note that 5% of the profits will go to an Israeli-based nonprofit organization benefiting disabled children. Salimpour does not hold a grudge against Jolie, noting she and Jolie both "believe in human rights and love Brad Pitt!" Meanwhile, over here in the Jezebel lab, we're developing 'Maddox', a playful fragrance that smells precocious and experimental with coy, exotic Asian notes, a hint of temper tantrum and a soupçon of sibling rivalry.
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