Because our skills are so very very unique and, as globalization fanboy Tom Friedman would say, "untouchable," we didn't really worry about career competition from the, you know, caste of characters formerly known as the "untouchables." But then! Perez Hilton exposed the fact that even celebrity bloggers are coming from the Third World these days. And now this, from the August issue of Marie Claire:

Customer service, tech support..these days we outsource everything to India. So why not pregnancy?

NO LIKE REALLY TRULY. Pretty soon the Indians are not only going to be photographing and blogging about our celebuspawns, they're going to be, like, spawning them!


In all seriousness, we have given Marie Claire some shit but this story was incredibly awesome and dystopian and well-written in a way that we don't feel tempted to qualify with "for a gynomag" or "for us to poop on" or whatever. Buy it. (Just skip the $555 jeans!) Basically it's about rich women in America who are so self-absorbed and narcissistic that they will go to India to pay villagers (price: approx. nine pairs jeans) to surrogate mother their biological children because IT'S NOT LIKE THERE ARE ANY KIDS THAT NEED ADOPTING OVER THERE OR ANYTHING.