Synova Healthcare Group, which resurrected the Today Sponge after it was pulled from the market some 12 years ago, is embarking on a big push to market the contraceptive to young women, and it has some very specific ideas as to who will be using it! According to the NY Times, there are five archetypal women who "personify the different customers whom Synova seeks to attract":

The new advertisements feature four drawings of women who personify the different customers whom Synova seeks to attract: Maria, 22, who is health conscious and job hunting; Monique, a "30-something" career woman; Lilly, a 32-year-old doctor and new mother who is breast-feeding her child; and Jill, 40, a newly single store manager.

Uh, what about Sophia, the stay-at-home mom? Oh, she's "coming soon!" (Haha, 'coming soon'! Get it? Sigh.)


Anyway, the Times goes on to add that Synova's just-launched website also allows visitors create their own Today Sponge characters, so we visited the site this morning and tried to create our own archetype — 30 years old, single, loves sleeping and eating, and named 'Jezebel' — and we were denied. Apparently, Jezebel is not a 'Woman Of Today'! Was it the name? Or the fact that we owned up to, you know, actually eating?
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