We can think of a very few reasons you don't seem to much like Dane Cook. He's sort of like the funny best friend of Glamour blogger Edgy English Teacher (latest profundity: "You know how they say you live and learn? Well, the same be could be said about lovingβ€”you love and you learn" Deep.) who still hangs out with people like Edgy English Teacher because he has a small wiener. Which is why we never knew what to make of the above bit by Dane on crying. We think of it once a week, more if there's a picture of a tear-streaked Paris Hilton sobbing softly into her own reflection in a car window, but it's not enough to redeem his MySpace pimping, joke-stealing, Jessica Simpson-snogging or the probable part he played in Dave Chappelle's becoming disillusioned with comedy.

Dane Cook β€” Crying [YouTube]