[Left: February 2007 'Jane'; Right: August 2007 'Marie Claire.' And yeah that's a nipple.]
Breaking news from the August issue of Marie Claire! Sometimes supermodels like to be around other kinds of skinny people. Apparently that Czech model who probably negotiated a better day rate after she gave all those interviews about surviving the tsunami has started a veritable EPIDEMIC of Good Samaritanism in the modeling community! An 11-page spread in the magazine on the beautiful people's charity work notes that Lydia Hearst works in a soup kitchen: "I go to the kitchen from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. to help pack meals for delivery. Even if you can only give on hour of your time it matters!" Who'da thunk? Ummm, maybe the editors of Jane, who quoted Lydia saying, "Sitting around in a ball gown sipping champagne is not going to save someone's life," in an almost identical feature (featuring three of the same models) back in February. What gives? We spoke to a former staffer of the now-defunct ladytitle.

Apparently, the Jane staff was surprised as we were — because editors at Marie Claire had openly gushed to their editors about their piece, "Model Citizens," during Paris Fashion Week last winter. "They were asking questions like, 'oh, how did you get them to talk to you,' and 'how did you find out about it' and all this stuff," notes the former Jane person. "Oh well, at least we can say Jane lives on in some way." Um, yeah, but if they keep up this slavish imitation of Jane for much longer, Marie Claire might not. Not that we're against them trying!

Some pics from the spreads. (Yeah we hate Photoshop.)

Top, Marie Claire; bottom, Jane.

Left, Jane; right, Marie Claire.