For those of you who've always wanted to see Keira Knightley, Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez with about 30+ pounds added to their frames, it's your lucky day! The Photoshopping experts at have done the opposite of Redbook and given some of today's biggest boldfaced names "normal" makeovers, which, <a href="

">according to the Daily Mail, means they've made to look like your run-of-the-mill, fashion-challenged, badly-coiffed, fat Americans.

Using the latest technology, experts at website - which lets the public poke fun at celebrities - have taken genetic traits from the families of the world's biggest A-listers and transported them into a parallel universe where they are untouched by fame.

Genetic traits? How exactly does that work? Did someone take a sample of Aniston's DNA and discover that she's in reality supposed to be a size 16? Whatever. There are some amazing goodies to be had on the PlanetHiltron site, like an amazing Jessica Simpson and what may well be the best Ann Coulter ever.

A-List Stars Get A 'Normal' Makeover... And The Results Are Shocking [DailyMail]

Planet Hiltron]

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