Dark, bushy brows are back! These things are cyclical, like hemlines and the circumference of pants legs. But just like mini-skirts and elephant bell-bottoms, they don't look good on everyone. Case in point: Miss Sienna Miller! ABCNews asked London's "eyebrow shaper to the stars" for an opinion. "Personally, I think they look hideous," said Vaishaly Patel. "When you've got blond hair the number one rule is not to have black eyebrows. I think they're a lovely shape but just on the wrong person."

Sienna less than perfect? Good heavens! But there's more — in fact, this article is a veritable goldmine of eyebrow information. For example, did you know that in Iran, the ungroomed brow is a sign of virginity? And movie stars in the 40s and 50s often removed their eyebrows completely, so as not to seem masculine. But later, in the tumultuous, free-lovin' 60s, "Everything got a lot more androgynous," says a columnist at The Guardian. The article goes on to say, "Hair grew everywhere for years. It sprouted all over men and women. The bushy brow's zenith was reached on Brooke Shields' face in The Blue Lagoon." Then, in the 80s and 90s (remember early, almost browless Kate Moss?) brows were thin again. Ugh: How exhausting! Anyhow, apparently a good pluck can open up your eyes, so much so that "a lot of clients feel they've had a facelift," swears another professional shaper. But clearly it's time to ditch the tweezers and stop the weeding, Sienna-style. Hey, we love Frida Kahlo!

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