Make it stop!!! The trend of marketers thinking that anything remotely 'masculine' — cars, airplanes, pro-baseball caps, guns — has to be pink in order to be attractive to female consumers, continues apace. Today's NY Times "Thursday Styles" reports that Taser International will be offering a more compact, female-friendly (women have such small hands!) version of its self-defense device later this month, which the company has named "C2". And, of course, it's colored pink!

The new C2, as the weapon is called, looks more like a large disposable razor than a gun, comes in a variety of colors and is $350, all of which Taser executives believe will persuade women to add the weapon to their checklist for the evening: lipstick, wallet, keys, Taser.

Sounds perfect for those roving gangs of killer lesbians!!!

Interestingly, however, it was a woman who, way back in the early '90s, inspired the creation of the Taser in the first place (they do say that behind every great man is a great woman).

Tom Smith, a founder of Taser International, said he and his brother heard their mother say that she worried about protecting herself. She tried a stun gun, Mr. Smith said over sandwiches in his desert office compound here, but it has to be pressed against its target. "She said, 'This isn't something I am comfortable with.' She had pepper spray, and she sprayed herself in the face. She ended up buying a Doberman.

Awesome: We hear those come in purse-sized versions too!

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