We can't wholeheartedly hate the new trend whereby magazines advocate going "commando," because it's fun having something to blame for Victoria's Secret's shriveling sales and, duh, stories like 'Ditch Your Panties' from this month's Cosmo, which explains that men will have an easier time "picking up on your pheremones" when you're panty-free. (Plus no panty lines!) But better check what time of the month it is!

Going panty-free during your period makes you more vulnerable to infections.

Uh, yeah, and also more vulnerable to expelling sizeable globules of dark red PERIOD BLOOD everywhere you go?

And let us not forget the perennial risk that you're with a really cute guy while wearing a really short skirt and he pulls on what he thinks is a loose thread hanging from your garment that turns out to be the end of a blood-soaked tampon? We read about that in Seventeen's "Trauma-Rama" when we were twelve and we haven't gone commando during our periods since.

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