It's the ultimate in magazine synchronicity: sometimes a celebrity not only appears on the front cover of a magazine, but on its back as well. Sarah Jessica Parker grins on the cover of Elle this month, and what do you know, she's also conquered the back, with an ad for her new fragrance, Covet. As in, any star would covet that kind of exposure! Not to be outdone, Eva Longoria is a blushing bride on the latest issue of OK! (coverline: Wedding of the Year!), but she's all business on the other side, shilling L'Oreal Colour Riche Star Secrets Lipstick, also known as the "Limited Edition Lipstick" or "The Lipstick With Too Many Damn Names." Business-wise, this is probably a great idea; a celebrity is a brand, and this is brand saturation. But the only ones who should have to see this much of these ladies are Matthew Broderick and Tony Parker. We could use a break. To see other people. See, it's not you, it's us! Well, actually, it is you.