And then there were four! We've got a hot-off-the-celebrity-presses new Jezebel to introduce you to, Dodai Stewart, who will be blogging alongside Anna, Moe & Jenny starting, well, yesterday! (We didn't introduce her sooner cause, uh, we had some things to deal with!). Dodai comes to Jezebel via splashy teen entertainment mag J-14, where she served as executive editor, wrote, and conducted interviews with luminaries like Jessica Simpson; she has also written for Modern Bride, Jane (R.I.P.), YM (R.I.P! Do we see a pattern here?), among others. In addition to lending her carefully-calibrated meter for pop culture bullshit to the site, Dodai will be working on fashion stories for Jezebel and indulging in her obsession of magazines, mainstream and otherwise. We're thrilled to have wrested Dodai free from the cheap-ass shackles of Bauer Publishing in New Jersey to the cheap-ass shackles of, well, Gawker Media (and her 300-square foot Lower East Side apartment!) Please give her a warm welcome.