Remember that episode of the Real World: Los Angeles, when one of the cast members had her jaw wired shut so she could lose weight? We have no idea what her name was (Tiffany?) and we think she married a pro-athlete, but anyway, she crossed our minds today when we read about the "Charlie Bite", a sort of oral chastity-belt crossed with torture device from Saw created by a bunch of Utah dentists. Diet Blog has the story, and here's their description:

The Charlie Bite is cemented to the lower teeth. If you open your mouth too wide, a hinge opens - immediately preventing you from chewing. You have to stop and manually drop the hinge back down again. The idea is to eat slower, so you feel full before you overdo it. What about consumption of calorie-dense beverages?

'What about consumption of calorie-dense beverages?' Is that really the only response to this atrocity? Ugh. Well, obsessive dieters, we're sure if you're willing to shell out thousands to have your jaw cemented shut you'll also be able to find a way to stick a finger (or straw) down your throat and vomit up all those Frappuccinos and Jamba Juice!
Charlie Bite: A Dental Trapdoor For Overeaters [DietBlog]