The day we never thought would arrive is here: DailyCandy has pronounced the death of the cupcake. Yes, after years of keeping it real (ca. 2000) and validating every Sex And The City obsessed Carrie Bradshaw-clone with talk of icing, sprinkles and the perfect moist little morsels, even they seem to think the baked good is out now. By this logic (since DailyCandy, is like the online version of the NY Times "Sunday Styles" section with regards to "trends", if DailyCandy says cupcakes are out, that might actually mean that they're in. Ugh. Now our heads hurt. And, uh, we kind want sugar. Anyway, how cupcakes are out (and yogurt is in!) after the jump.

DailyCandy Everywhere reminds us of that time we totally assured our best friend that the flower on her dinner plate was edible. Even though we weren't so sure. And then she got a stomach ache.


DailyCandy Atlanta is on crack if they think we want to vacation in Perry, GA. Some of us here are from Georgia. We can't be fooled. Lunch at the local Mrs. Winner's chicken and avoiding the Klan do not a vacation make.

DailyCandy Chicagoeditors are so weirdly plagued with I-Want-A-Baby Fever that they've turned a plug for greeting cards into an admission of their own baby-lust.

DailyCandy Los Angeles announces the death of the cupcake.

DailyCandy Miami wants us to eat candy instead. Is candy the new cupcakes? Or rather, was candy the new cupcakes 5 years ago?

DailyCandy New York suggests we replace cupcakes with yogurt.