Glad to know that the world is on the lookout for women drivers. Sheilas' Wheels, a "car insurer for women" in the UK, has developed a shoe that makes it possible for women to drive in heels... even if they, uh, can't actually walk in them. Like a certain recently-launched American predecessor, the CamiLeon, the Sheila Driving Heel is said to turn from a heel to a flat with the push of a button, but, unlike the CamiLeon, the Sheila comes with a tread for easier grip on an accelerator, brake, or clutch. (Apparently more than 11.5 million female drivers in the UK are wearing the wrong footwear!) The shoes look comfy enough as flats, and we'd even try them out... but for the pink detailing. Do marketers really think that everything that smacks remotely of testosterone — professional sports, technology, cars themselves — have to have a touch of Paris Hilton in order to appeal to women?

Sheila Driving Shoe Makes High-Heel And Toeing A Reality [Autoblog]
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