We've said this before, but sometimes we just don't know what to make of Teen Vogue and its readers, particularly when it comes to the magazine's interns, who are both the subjects of a uniquely bad reality television show and the ostensible writers of a generically-bad blog called "Behind the Seams". We'd say all the interns offend us as much as Emily Weiss, does, but only half of them actually do. (Cynthia!) And, actually it's the comments posted by readers that really get us. Like, Are they for real? (And therefore, this afternoon's sign of the apocalypse?) Or are they sly, but kinda poorly-executed jokes? Here, verbatim, are some of our favorite head-scratchers from the Teen Vogue website from today:

omg you are so fashion forward! i see you on misshapes site for party you look so hot! teach me your styles! are you friends with cory kennedy????


I am so enchanted by the whole fashion and magazine thing!


That was an incredibly well written article you're the total package: beauty and brains...


emily you are truly an amazing intern. i am in complete awe of you and literally just want to be you!

And then this mindfuck, directed specifically at intern Diana:

wow! Diana, you are such a cutie pie! i bet u are an amazing intern at teenvogue! congratulations! if Barbie had an internship, i bet she would have chosen your job because it's every girl's dream! she might have worn a burberry trench to her interview, as well. :)

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