We're beginning to wonder if DailyCandy editors don't make absurd lifestyle recommendations because they're cruel, but because they're batshit insane. To wit:

DailyCandy Everywhere thinks Britney Spears is hot. And that somehow this has to do with your being ugly and needing a new cell phone.

DailyCandy New York. Saddle shoes? No.

More on why we suspect that DailyCandy may need to be institutionalized, after the jump.

DailyCandy Atlanta believes we're still living during the Depression and that there is such a thing as a real speakeasy.


DailyCandy Chicago has been smoking something if it believes that monks are content with having pretzels over sex.

DailyCandy Dallas suggests the pain of bad break-up can be alleviated with the right shampoo.

DailyCandy London thinks it would be really, really funny to fly out some lady named Mary Jane (coincidence? we think not) to come and make you and your girlfriends custom hats.


DailyCandy Los Angeles loses all its style cred by suggesting with a straight face that you'd look really hot with a gold-plated squirrel hanging around your neck.

DailyCandy Philadelphia shares too much information. (Hint: They're really into role-playing!)