Ok, so Rosie quit. Three weeks before she was supposed to go. We find this news just mindbogglingly gargantuanly gigantic. I mean, two months ago we were only vaguely aware of The View, to the point that we were all, "Is Lisa Ling on that?" and now we are, for the second time, pulling ourselves out of mental vacation (by which we mean, IM-ing other people at Gawker Media) to post.

R.I.P. Rosie, we know a lot of people who will miss you terribly. Although personally, when that person wrote "Work isn't worth that battle" on your blog and you replied, "Agreed," it sort of made me think of the very thing that got you into this whole television mess to begin with. You know: our troops. I dunno why our mind wanders like this, maybe it was that word, "battle." They don't know how lucky they are not to be fighting an enemy like Hasselbeck day in and day out.