We ordinarily would not interrupt our off-the-clock sitting on the couch with our laptops watching CNBC by actually bothering to POST something, but there is HUGE news about one of our most favoritest sluts, Julie Roehm, the marketing goddess who brought "sexy" to auto advertising and was fired from Wal-Mart for blah blah blah fucking. The reason we love Julie, you see, is that she's successfully made a second career out of being the "Sexiest Victim" of, like, the biggest corporate victimizer since probably the banana company involved in all those CIA assasinations or whatever. ANYWAY, Julie just filed some court papers saying that she wasn't the only one at Wal-Mart who fucked around with subordinates! General Counsel Robert Rhoads did too! (Whooa, geek alert but the GC is kind of the wrong post from which to be infidelitizing!)

And then blah blah 42 pages about other ethical stuff that isn't about sex. But dude, "Wal-Tart". We had to use it, right?


Fired Wal Mart executive claims ethics rules were violated [WSJ]
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