We just came across this item, which references the horrible Keira Knightley/baby-elephant spread in the new issue of Vogue. For those of you who haven't seen it, the item is essentially a collage of the above image with a handwritten note reading "Maybe if they knew how to accessorize they wouldn't be going extinct?" One thing we'd like to make clear: As much as we enjoy Fashionista, we are animal-loving women (though not animal-loving enough to stop eating meat! We're working on it, people!) and we're feeling really, really fucking pissy about that Vogue spread. So we'd like to make a few points. One: Elephants aren't "going extinct", they're being hunted (and driven) to extinction. A subtle difference, yes, but an important one. Two: The baby elephant pictured above was orphaned, probably because its mother was slaughtered for her ivory. How's that for championing the luxury goods market? Now, back to shopping!

Maybe If They Knew How To Accessorize, They Wouldn't Be Extinct? [Fashionista]
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