DailyCandy editors seem to be stuck in an alternate reality in which Sex and the City is still, like, relevant. In fact, they'll be damned if they let cupcakes, overflowing wardrobes, or "secret" sample sales go gentle into that good night. Today's not-so-helpful tips? That if we want to be totally fabulous, we have to also be pretty damn lazy. To wit:

1. DailyCandy Everywhere informs us that Sprinkles bakery in Beverly Hills will deliver cupcake mix to our doors, if we're too malnourished to lift the box of Betty Crocker off the shelf, that is.

2. DailyCandy Boston knows a lovely lady who will not only clean our closets, but will also take our cast-offs to Salvation Army, cause we may be charitable, but not enough to get our asses off the couch.

3. DailyCandy Philadelphia has pinpointed the best of this season's turbans: One that's pre-wrapped, in case we're too lazy to keep up with stupid trends ourselves.

Tomorrow: The most colorful martini glasses for spring. Plus: Why Manolos are hot right now!