Unlike fellow designer Carmen Hawk — who seems to scowl whenever a photographer takes her picture — Milla Jovovich was all smiles the other night at the party for the apparel line Jovovich-Hawk. And, as we intimated earlier, it's no wonder: Milla is actually eating, reports People. "I'm gaining weight, which is fun," the pregnant model-actress-designer [Don't forget "film-director succubus"! -Ed.] tells the magazine. "I've been craving lots of bad stuff but I've been cooking a lot. I did this amazing slow-roasted tomato dip the other night, and steaks, and, oh, I've been eating my mom's potatoes — like crazy. It's awful. I have to stop." If Milla's afraid of overdoing it carb-wise, perhaps she should offer some leftovers to Carmen before she makes her next public appearance. After all, nasty scowls and sunken cheeks don't really jibe with the design duo's stated sentiment of "feel good, look great, feel bad, look great"!

Milla Jovovich Says Gaining Weight Is Fun [People]
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