Normally, we love NY Times style writer Eric Wilson. But the alarm bells went off the moment he began a Thursday Styles piece today with the phrase "Nature is so in."

Specifically, says Eric, when it comes to home and fashion design, antlers are en vogue. Could be a protest against the Iraq War, says one trendsetter. Perhaps it's a return to nature, says another. But Eric has other ideas!

Still, many people seem to like them as florid decorative embellishment, though they are not exactly sure why, or whether they are politically correct. One may recall that it was the oafish Gaston, in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," who delivers the line in song, "I use antlers in all of my decorating." So does most of Brooklyn.

Next week: Cathy Horyn's takes on the trend of the shell-bra among momzillas on the Upper West Side, as inspired by The Little Mermaid.

If There's a Buck in It Somewhere [NYTimes]