Lily Allen not only sports a faux-ska sound, but a faux-hater attitude when it comes to fashion.

Interviewed by the Times of London in yesterday's paper, Lily trash-talks Gucci style, mocks swag-dispensing fashion houses, disparages Vuitton (because they didn't want to give her free shit!), and calls fashion-obsessed Brit Victoria Beckham fugly. And of course she threw in a "I-am-just-a-regular-girl-in-a-regular-girl's-sized-body" for good measure; a means, of course, through which she could (faux?) skewer the industry's skeletal standards.

Did we mention that the entire purpose of the article is for Lily to plug her soon-to-be-released mass-market clothing line "Lily Loves" for UK-chain New Look?

Careful, love: Don't bite the hand that feeds your "I'm 21 years old, I'm a pretty normal weight — leave me the f*** alone" bank account.

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