Dear Eddie Lin,

We read your story in the Times about Hadaka Sushi, a new L.A. eatery that offers nyotaimori — the practice using near-naked women to serve as human sushi platters.

According to you, successfully navigating a gig as a human sushi platter demands a disarming, gleaming white smile, blonde hair, the ability to suppress one's regular breathing pattern (lest one disturb the fishes!), and an iron will. In fact, as you said:

Rachael — her full name is Rachael Biggs, a publicist said — seemed to enjoy the evening as much as anyone could while lying supine and being poked by chopsticks. To an onlooker, the most disturbing aspect of her job might be Hadaka's rule that forbids a model to eat the sushi that rests inches away from her mouth.

"Most disturbing"? If working as a naked, immobile mute with the ability to suppress both her breathing pattern and her appetite isn't a woman's worst nightmare, we don't know what is. Then again, there's the fact that it is Hollywood, we are bitches, and you seem like kind of an asshole.


Selling The Sizzle Even Though It's Sushi [NYTimes]

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