Sometimes lady mags are accused of being "compromised" because they accept so much free crap from advertisers. But beauty editors we know are so glutted with tinted moisturizer and self-tanning cosmeceuticals they aren't actually influenced by free shit anymore; publicists generally have to send them to Kauai for a seven-day feng-shui consultation with the guru who formulated the exlusive green teatree oil line of crap they are peddling to get them to publish anything at all. At which point they return to their offices all Zen and detached from material possessions and shit and THROW IT ALL AWAY.

But not, it turns out, at Teen Vogue! According to our favorite blog in the Universe, the Teen Vogue intern blog "Behind The Seams", they actually sell the free shit they get, with all the "proceeds" going to charity: The National Eating Disorders Association.

Seriously! We couldn't think of a better repository for all that the Teen Vogue staffers PURGE!!!

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