Update regarding Wednesday's item about the imminent unmasking of the person behind fashion-industry-skewering blog View From The Fourth Row. According to a recent, Passover-related post on the site, the anonymous blogger is probably Jewish and single, which narrows our previous list down to these fine young ladies:

* Alison Hope Nichols, Senior Fashion Editor, Accessories, Glamour

* Suzanne Singer, Associate Accessories Editor, Lucky

* Sarah Frances Kuhn, Associate Accessories Editor, Teen Vogue

* Leah Karp, Accessories Director, Allure

We don't know if all of these women are indeed unmarried — Or even Jewish! We hate to romantically or ethnically-profile! — and we're also hesitant to completely rule out Sylvana Soto-Ward, just because the idea of a Vogue staffer being something other than a mute, eating-disordered Anna Wintour fembot is an attractive one. And of course, the Passover post may be the blogger's attempt to throw us off her scent (clever girl!), in which case, the most likely candidates are everyone we didn't mention (Filipa Fino, Luisana Mendoza, Dawn Gabbriellini, Taylor Tomasi). But we'd like to think we're smarter than some bitchy chick who looks at purses, shoes and jewelry all day.


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