We were once going to read a well-reviewed book about Iraq's Green Zone, but we couldn't even read past the author's surname. So it's nice that the fine people who brought us Alyssa Shelasky — Glamour! Who else? - have introduced a new blog written from inside the military compound by a girl with a penchant for eyeliner who goes by the nickname Captain KJ.

KJ, who started blogging last week, is like Alyssa in some ways. Both women like to name-drop brands they love (KJ is "addicted" to Philosophy moisturizer — though she endearingly calls it "face cream" — and Nars eyeshadow). And both have to self-censor these days: Alyssa because of her new boyf has decreed it; KJ because she doesn't want to get court-martialed. But KJ is somehow more relatable than Lys, partly because Lys is a really crappy writer, and partly because KJ's life seems to mirror that of an actual female celebrity, replete with weird, knowing stares from strange men and a limited area in which to walk around. Which means she's sorta like one degree of separation from being just like... Us!

My world is a little like Marie Antoinette's Versailles: a self-governing island apart from all that which surrounds it (unless they launch rockets at us).

We're train wrecks by the end of our time here, rather like you watch people turn into on reality shows like Survivor or Big Brother, bored and stressed at the same time, obsessed with the creature comforts that we lack and inventing personal dramas to rationalize our increasing paranoia and narcissism...

It's like being on a reality-TV show and a Sofia Coppola movie at the same time! Sounds like a blog book deal could soon be in the works! Go Conde!

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