Brandon Holley's April editor's letter in Jane is getting lots of play online today. WWD reports on changes to the magazine trumpeted in Holley's latest reader-directed missive, the reasons for Jane's falling newsstand stales last year (Holley says its due to magazine's price-raise from $1.99 to $2.99), and Holley's defense of the magazine's heightened focus on celebrity.

But bloggers, or, rather, a blogger, isn't having any of it. In her "Dear Brandon" response to Holley's April letter, the women's magazine blogger at Glossed Over takes the Jane editor to task for, among other things, putting Avril Lavigne on the cover, "pandering career advice" and Holley's inclusion of a poll asking L.A. women which celebrities their dogs most closely resemble personality-wise, saying: "...naturally, we thought Jane would seek out opinions on subjects that, oh, actually matter. ...[But the poll] is a terrible trifle to trot out as an example of the 'culture of women' the magazine claims to promote," writes Glossed Over. "Apparently modern women are defined not by their own personalities, but by the traits they conjure for their dogs."

We think that's taking it a little far but we also imagine that somewhere, Jane Pratt is grinning just a little bit right now. Although from what we hear, it's more likely that she's thinking about how she fucked Drew Barrymore.

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