Is parenting for losers? America's Future President seems to think so, and anyone who read last week's New Yorker story on his old deputy police chief John Timoney knows top cops tend to think so? News that Madonna's nanny is writing a tell-all suggests Madge might be a pretty miserable mom herself, and shocking evidence that she went to the Britney Shears school of How To Protect Your Kid in a Car and here's hoping that Jenna Bush calls out her dad for his global abortion gag rule.

But hipsters seem to love having kids - and we're down with anyone willing to irritate the Mother of Dumb Sociological Phrase Invention David Bo-Tard Brooks! Bloggers like the Sartorialist (whose sperm spawned Claudia, above) love having kids. And after Penelope Cruz made it look soooooo hot in Volver, her fellow world famous Latinas Gisele and Salma Hayek both got knocked - well, Salma for sure - which has to be good for that pitiful Spanish fertility rate we've been hearing about.

We can't decide. After all, we were parented once, but on the other hand, that was before Wal-Mart was the nation's largest employer and when social security was solvent. But who's fit for the job anymore? Smell a POLL coming, anyone? Yeah, so do we, but the admin won't let us in. To be continued.