Well, well, well! Not only will your boyfriend's schweaty balls armpits make you horny and fat, they'll also make you smarter! Apparently the new issue of Science is reporting that "a whiff of a familiar scent can help a slumbering brain better remember things that it learned the evening before."

Thing is, in order for your brain to process information in this hyper-efficient way, you need to smell your "familiar scent" both while you're learning something new and after you fall asleep. So tell your man to get in bed, plump up some pillows, and snuggle up with that 800-page Pynchon book you lied about reading during your freshman year. If he balks, just remind him you can always find a smellier guy to go out with!


Study Uncovers Memory Aid: A Scent During Sleep [NYTimes]
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