By now, we're sure you know — because you read the Journal every day like us, right? — that the Gap is on its last fucking pair of khakis or whatever. The last CEO resigned, the new one is only "acting," they're shuttering that new Rockwell-designed booomer-targeted Forth & Towne that Alex Kuczyinski sort of liked, you know it's super urgent because they're taking power AWAY from the focus groups and giving it BACK to the designers, operating income has plunged to like a billion dollars or whatever. Wait, what?

Which is just the problem. As CNN Money — someone has to read this crap — explained in a pretty decent piece last week, all the fastest growing stores manufacture at least some of their clothes in Europe and the USA, so they can get knockoffs in the stores faster. The Gap, of course, can't do this. They've been manufacturing in China since, like, you got your first pair of Gap Kids stirrups! Take it from someone who knows, well, virtually nothing about "supply chains" though we kind of skimmed The World Is Flat manufacturing somewhere other than China, at this point, would be a COLOSSAL pain in the ass for the Gap. Oh yeah, and did I mention unprofitable? Because Gap manufactures its clothes sooooooo cheaply it manages to still turn a profit even though you totally haven't paid full price for anything there since, Jesus, the season before the season that gave us Monica's spermdress...


So do America a favor and don't weep for the Gap. You'll look cuter if you don't shop there.

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