Men's Health editor David Zinczenko is somehow famous, ostensibly for editing a crap magazine that is not only arguably the crappiest magazine of all the major men's magazines, it may be crappier than certain women's magazines. (Yup, that backhanded compliment is ALL YOURS, B-Holley!) Anyway so Zinczenko's claim to fame is editing the Cosmo of middle aged men, and having that name. Oh yes, and he wrote a book, The Abs Diet, lest you thought you could arrive at one of the six-packs featured on the cover of Men's Health simply by reading Zinczenko's magazine. Because customers are so supremely savvy and smart and the market always knows best, men snapped up copies of The Abs Diet like we women would snap up Envigo negative calorie soda if it tasted less like a combination of uric acid and Sparks and more like Girl Scout cookies. Well wait with bated breath no longer; today WWD reports Zinczenko's ghostwriter has upchucked a new Abs Diet for us!

"We refurbished more bodies than the guys on 'Pimp My Ride,'" he wrote in an e-mail. "Now women can cruise the town in low riders, too."

But that's not even the most douchebaggian quote! Check this:

"Though you may associate hot flashes with getting a glimpse of Usher's abs, they're more common in menopausal women for another reason.

Like, not only does the guy believe in the power of diet books to "refurbish bodies," he is incapable of expressing more than one thought without reverting back to the subject of "abs".

OMG, I think I just encountered the Antichrist.

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