Predictably, there aren't many women in Yahoo's '50 Most Important People on the Web'*, so you'd think they'd be pretty, well, important, wouldn't you?

It all starts well, with Marissa Mayer, VP for search products and user experience at Google at number 9. Pretty impressive. At number 14, we welcome Shana Fisher, who is "Senior Vice President for strategy and M&A, IAC/InterActiveCorp". That's so impressive we don't have a fuck what it means. Way to go, girl! Things are a wee bit dry on the woman front until we hit number 28, where we find Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay. Yay! We've even heard of her!

And that's your lot.

Oh wait. Who's that creeping in at number 50, a mere four places behind creator of the known universerse World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee?

Why, it's Tila Tequila! No, we've never heard of her either, so we think she must be thrillingly technologically important. And she is. Guess what? She's got a Myspace page, with 1.6 million 'friends'! Hoooooo!

But that's not all!

"She has posed for Stuff magazine, she has a part in an Adam Sandler film currently in production, and her MySpace page currently boasts more than 56 million page views and 1,734,374 comments."

Stuff Magazine! Adam Sandler! This girl is the fucking BIG TIME. Oh yeah.

[Yahoo's 50 most important nerds]

*And yes, our lord and master is also on the list. But he's only five above Tila, and that's GOTTA hurt.