It's tough running a magazine, you know, and it appears the strain of it all is getting to Jane Magazine's Brandon Holley.

The poor dear is so out of ideas for her baby, that she's resorted to asking the readers for suggestions, on her weekly Thursday pitch fest.


So far the ideas are pouring in, running the full fascinating gamut from A to B. Oooh, how about some celebrity sex? That's not been done before! Hey! What about personal finance? How come no-one ever covers that? Oh, and there's one request for normal looking models in the fashion spreads. Heh. Good luck with that one, happy reader.

Brandon, sweetie, there's a couple of very good reason why you never ask the readers what they want.

  1. They're all fat ugly badly-dressed morons. Remember?
  2. And
  3. If you don't tell them what they want, you'll never shift all that useless fashion and beauty product that your advertizers want you to ram down your readers' passive little throats.

Back to the drawing board for you, young lady!

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