So, you're an unmarried Christian investment banker, and that whole 'no sex before marriage and masturbation will make your penis rot' thing is really getting to you. And you meet a woman at a party who completely doesn't notice you, and mistakes you for a mugger when you chase after her to get her number. And she doesn't fancy you, but you stalk her all over bible class, and when she eventually agrees to go on a date with you, she makes it clear that you are repulsive. Probably because you are.

What to do?

A cost-benefit analysis, that's what!

"[Gregory Buechele's] close friend and fellow investment banker Mark Gundersen helped him do a cost-benefit analysis. "The downside, risk of a broken heart," Mr. Gundersen said. 'The upside, unlimited potential.'

Mr. Buechele took it as a challenge and pursued Ms. Cargill with the same intensity he uses as a timber trader. 'I wouldn't give up,' he said."

In today's all too depressing news, it appears to have worked.

[Intense timber-trader gets hitched]NY Times