One of the best episodes ever of Intervention reran on A&E last night, and we just had to share it. The entire show focuses on a young woman named Cristy, who, at the tender age of 24, has been addicted to crystal meth for 10 years — 10 years! Her family hasn't helped matters: Her father lets her live for free in his guest house — which she's completely trashed — and he and his ex-wife were only prompted to stage the intervention because they found out that Cristy had been working as a stripper. (Apparently, that was more alarming than the fact that she's deep in the throes of what is probably an irreversible meth psychosis in which she believes that she is the sister of both Jesus and Satan, and finds it appropriate to walk around outside with no clothing on.) The clip above is a little NSFW, for blurred out nudity.

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