22-Year-Old Woman Tries to Talk Sense to Republican Party, Is Promptly Ignored

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The youngest member of the GOP's Platform Committee is 22-year-old anti-abortion rights Rick Santorum delegate Jackie Curtiss. And, despite her questionable political allegiance, she has more sense in her little finger than the rest of the committee combined — while her older, more delusional colleagues yammer away about making religious business owners subsidize the morning after pill for female employees is worse than making a Quaker pay taxes in order to finance war, Curtiss has stood up and called for a reality-based approach to sex education and less extreme language on birth control and abortion. Of course, they're not listening.

The GOP Platform Committee has been meeting over the last several days in order to draft and ratify the set of principles for which the party will officially stand for the next four years. Since "Girls allowed, but only if they agree with the boys, who are God's direct conduits" isn't a viable policy stance, they've had to flesh it out a bit. And they're still trying to push the same retro bullshit that has driving young people and women into the arms of Democrats for decades. Enough, said Curtiss, according to Buzzfeed, and she was the only person on the committee to dare mention Todd Akin's cursed name.

Curtiss made waves in the committee when she objected to an amendment to the platform banning medication "that terminates human life after conception." The amendment was aimed at RU-486 and other so-called "abortion pills," but Curtiss warned that it could potentially include the "morning after pill." With a national controversy swirling around Rep. Todd Akin's skepticism that rape could cause pregnancy, Curtiss - the only person to even refer to the embattled congressman - said the platform needed to make it clear that the party is welcoming to women.


I see the GOP has taken its LA LA LA REALITY ISN'T REAL approach that's been incredibly successful as a sex ed tactic and applied it to dealing with its own Todd Akin problems. Bravo.

Curtiss also suggested that the platform stop being so goofy about abstinence-only education, pointing out that it straight up does not work. She's also tired of the American conservative party focusing so much on social issues and would like to see them getting back to stuff about the economy. Per Buzzfeed,

"While they are socially conservative and want to have that in the platform, they don't want that to be the main focus," Curtiss said of young Republicans. "They want jobs, the economy to be the main focus. And I feel like we kind of got away from that in the last committee."

Pretty thoughts, surely, but a word of advice: if Curtiss and the cool, young Republicans want the public to focus on other things like jobs and the economy, then they should probably stop trying to infringe on people's bodies. Advocating for outlawing abortion and then whining that people aren't paying attention to more impooooortant stuff is asinine — there is nothing more important to a person than having the legal right to control what happens inside their own skin, and until the Party abandons its journey to the center of your womb, body politics are going to be discussed on a national scale. Working to outlaw abortion and then acting confused when people react by wanting to talk about abortion rather than the economy is like working to mandate all men be castrated at age 50 and then being all, why can't we talk about our plans to revamp the national parks?! God, you people are obsessed with your penises.


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Very few of the young Republicans I know are socially conservative. Almost everyone is in it for the fiscal conservatism and is waiting for the olds to die out so they can have that and social equality too. Yes, anecdotal blah blah blah, but really? Do polls even back this up?