22-Year-Old Arms Dealer: But They Passed That Arms Embargo Way Before I Was Even Born!

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  • OMG remember Efraim Diveroli, the 22-year-old Andy Samberg lookalike from Miami with the $300 million defense contract to sell ancient Chinese ammunition to the Afghan insurgency via Albania? Apparently the US Ambassador was involved in covering up the scam, probably because Efraim was also Albania's leading supply of whores. [NYT]
  • And speaking of…people we haven't thought about in a few months, Ashley Alexandra Dupre updated her MySpace! [People]
  • 92% of Americans believe in God or something Godlike that doesn't sound quite as lame. But there are ways to combat this! 10% of people raised without religion describe themselves as atheists, and that likelihood goes even higher if you raise your kids Jewish. [LA Times]
  • Rich people are actually less happy because they spend so much time doing the unpleasant things required to become rich, such as laying people off and outsourcing business functions to Bangladesh and actually like "working." [Washington Post]
  • It's one thing to hope for another terror attack when you're among friends but when you're a McCain adviser talking to a reporter from a major national magazine you're going to get some shit. [TIME]
  • That discount retail chain that brought the world the Sarah Jessica Parker clothing line is badly needs $30 million quick, I know you feel soooo bad for them. [WSJ]
  • Why I love this country: when a candidate breaks a promise that was a centerpiece of his early base of support because, after all, all the late-adopters to the cause wouldn't be giving him so much money if they expected him to give it back, we call that bad for the "brand." [ABC News]
  • The Economist discusses plans for a 100% Ron Paul supporter-occupied residential community in a story that invited me to wonder what it would be like if there was a 100% Jezebel commenter-occupied compound. Would you guys have a sex shrine like the Mormons? Would SinisterRouge be the first evicted? Would I, like Ron Paul, be afraid to visit? [Economist]
  • America might try to open an "interest center" — sort of like an Embassy popup store, or an Embassy Lite — in Tehran, which I think is a good idea as long as they still get to sell alcohol. [Wash Post]
  • Morgan Tsvangirai is hiding out at the Dutch Embassy and everyone else involved on the anti-Mugabe side of Zimbabwe's little flirtation with "democracy" got arrested so I guess that's the end of that. [Washington Post]

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Okay, sorry to totally spam this thread, but I found the actual story and it's far better-worded. Love it.

On that day Rabbi Eliezer brought forward all of the arguments in the

world [in favor of his position on a certain matter of ritual

cleanliness], but they [his colleagues] did not accept them from him.

He said to them, "If the law agrees with me, let this carob tree

prove it." The carob tree leaped a hundred cubits from its place in the

garden. The sages replied, "No proof can be brought from a carob tree."

He said to them, "If the law agrees with me, let this stream of

water prove it." The stream of water began to flow backwards. The sages

replied, "No proof can be brought from a stream of water."

Again he said to them, "If the law agrees with me, let the walls of

this schoolhouse prove it." The walls began to shake and incline to fall.

Rabbi Joshua leaped up and rebuked the walls saying, "When disciples of

sages engage in legal dispute what is your relevance?" In honor of Rabbi

Joshua the walls did not tumble. In honor of Rabbi Eliezer they did not

right themselves, and are still inclined even to this day.

Again Rabbi Eliezer said to the sages, "If the law agrees with me,

let it be proved from Heaven." A divine voice came forth and said, "Why

do you dispute with Rabbi Eliezer, for in all matters the law agrees with


But Rabbi Joshua rose to his feet again and exclaimed, "'It is not

in heaven.'"

Some time later, Rabbi Nathan met the prophet Elijah and asked him,

"What did the Holy One, blessed be He, do when rebuked by Rabbi Joshua?"

Elijah replied, "He laughed with joy, saying, 'My children have defeated

me, my children have defeated me.'"

Now I feel like one of those people who stands outside the bus station quoting scripture. Won't happen again, I promise.