22 Questions We Wish We'd Asked Sarah Palin

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Withdrawal creeps up on you slowly, like, say a huntress in a helicopter when you're a slightly deaf wolf, and then all of a sudden, BAM!, something hits you square between the eyes and you howl in pain. That was what this Palin-less week was like for us. No more Wardrobe-gate! No more race-baiting! No more refusing to answer questions and then blaming the media for asking them! But then we caught Katie Couric's appearance on Letterman last night and she talked about all the questions she'd asked Palin, and we got to thinking... hey, wait a minute: We still have some! And naturally, they're after the jump.

  • So, about the rape kits thing. Are you saying you didn't know what your hand-picked police chief was doing in a town of 5,000 people, or were you just fibbing about it?
  • What is your exact position on comprehensive sex education?
  • What is your position on teaching creationism in schools? How do you think evolution should be taught?
  • Are Cole Haan boots that much more comfortable than, say, Naturalizer so as to justify the price tag?
  • Why do you insist on teasing your hair up so much?
  • Have you been to the part of Alaska that you can see Russia from?
  • What does moose meat taste like?
  • Please explain your enjoyment of aerial wolf hunting.
  • Do you think you could have pulled off the Poehler rap?
  • Why did you always hug John McCain at events, but never shake hands?
  • Is there a reason that the Secret Service nicknamed your husband "Driller"?
  • Do you really think it's a good idea to escalate tensions with Russia?
  • Why do you think you've been involved in so many firing scandals when in executive office?
  • Do you feel the coverage of you has been sexist? What in particular did you find sexist?
  • Did you vote for Ted Stevens?
  • What would you say to the girl in the rape survivor ad that felt she needed to have an abortion?
  • Why did you end up attending so many different colleges?
  • What about the campaign was the most unexpected to you?
  • What's it like to own — at least briefly — $150,000 worth of clothes?
  • Who was the biggest asshole in the McCain campaign, in your opinion?
  • Do you really not believe in global warming?
  • Name a community organizer you do respect.

What do you wish you could ask her, since you know she's coming back? Katie Couric Corrects Sarah Palin On Reading Question [LA Times] Earlier: Rachel Maddow: Sarah Palin "Is Lying To You - Enthusiastically And Repeatedly" Debunking The Sarah Palin Rape Kit "Debunkers" Palin Rap: "I Built Me A Bridge, It Ain't Going Nowhere!" A Look At the Rape Survivor Ads Against McCain And Palin



Sarah Palin,

Why do you hate the gays?

Do you really believe in witches?

Do you know what a community organizer does?

Why do so many scandals follow you?

What do you have against other religions?

How do you really feel about people of color?

Did you ever have a real conversation with John McCain?

Why did you go "rogue"?

Why are you so full of yourself?

Just who do you think you are?