We're contemplating naming December 6th Jennifer Aniston day, in tribute to her blinding brilliance in messing with the celeb weeklies.

As we mentioned before, not only did she engineer a scoop that leaves all but People dangling ignorantly in her wake, but she even roped old Vince into the scheme for an EXTRA little twist of the knife to those good folks over at In Touch.

Plonked on page 33 of the issue that hit newsstands today is a retraction AND an apology to Vince Vaughn for previously suggesting he swapped spit with some chick in London, and wondering 'whether, in light of this, Vince and Jennifer Aniston were still together.' And they go on to confirm 'And Vince and Jen have both publicly announced that they have not split.'

It's okay guys, you'll only be newstands for another week or so. And we really DO believe everything else you say. Really!