Now we're as feminist as the next desperate ugly spinster with only distant memories of being 30, but some things strike us as being a little, well, overwrought perhaps.

Remember those uber feminists who wanted to do away with 'penetration' and replace it with 'envelopment'? Well, they're back, and writing letters to the paper.


Meet the reincarnated spirit of Andrea Dworkin after the jump.

So it's all about a safe-sex poster on campus at the University of New Hampshire. It features the relatively innocuous message, "Whether you're the catcher or the pitcher, always wear a glove!", accompanied by a picture of a woman holding a catcher's mitt and a man holding a bat.

So what's the problem? Not gay friendly perhaps? Immoral and unChristian? Just too damn cheesy? Not a bit of it! Here's the real horror according to the clearly humorously-challenged Melissa DaCosta:

"In this instance, I cannot ignore the clearly phallic power being depicteted.......To consider the act of sex as a subject/object encounter, as this advertisement does, where a woman's role is to "catch" a man's "pitches," is degrading, disgusting, and completely beyond the type of behavior I expect from an institution of higher learning.....


This poster is sending a message that sex is defined as an act done to a woman by a man, rather than a collaborative effort of two people. I am afraid that this is just replicating a system of hierarchy where women are expected to accept what they are given, including situations where they may feel pressured by men to have unprotected sex, and I hope that this type of safe sex awareness is torn down from our walls permanently."

So safe sex posters will lead to rape. Heck, that's quite a stretch, even for us.

Predictably, Melissa's letter provokes a storm of peaceable, well-articulated comments in response, as demonstrated by 'Man', who writes:

"dear melissa:
you are a dumb cunt. good luck with that."

Oh dear.

We retreat, muttering something about picking your battles wisely......