Speaking of Britney, the dear girl once wrote a letter accusing the journalists who 'hounded' her, of being fat jealous bitches. As we gazed around our newsroom, inhaling the heady aroma of gay man and anorexic fashion assistant, we had to smile.

But admit it. You've always wanted to know what those bitches that try and tell you that leggings, skinny jeans and bubble skirts are this season's MUST HAVE, no matter how fat and ugly you are, (in which case you should just die anyway), actually wear themselves.

Well, thanks to Glamour editor Ashley Baker's blog ("Welcome to my blog, which is guaranteed to be chock-full of all sorts of style stuff, day in, day out." Wow!), you now can. Our analysis after the jump.

Because "Stable Girl" is what this season is ALL ABOUT.

Congrats on the pregnancy dear, but do take a moment to think: What Would Anna Wintour Do? Not this, we fear.

Now that's nice to see. A shout out to soccer moms everywhere. This line available exclusively at K-Mart!

Finally, we hit the Chloe Sevigny/Maggie Gyllenhaal motherload. This girl will go far.

Legginsg! Big funny pinafore thingy! Red ballet shoes! Oh we think we just died and went to heaven!

And let's not forget your mom needs an outfit for that wedding in Kansas!

The finale. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Ashley. We are beside ourselves at the thought of being able to look like giant skirt-shaped aliens have landed are are slowly sucking us into their slimy maw. But you know, maybe we could lose a little bit of the shine. Hmmm? I feel sure the anorexic two cubes over will have just the freebie product for you.