Did you ever have a boyfriend that even though he went off and slept with five hookers, came back and gave you the clap, stole all your drugs and money and then slept with another three hookers before dumping you, somehow, in the aftermath, it was all about HIS pain? (Quiet there at the back, Britney!)

Well, we think he's popped up on Metafilter. You'd think that the call for the ending of female genital mutilation by one of Islam's most respected theological centers would be the occasion of some back-slapping for the many thousands of little girls who won't have their clitorises hacked off with a rock. But you're ignoring the real issue here, featherbrains.

Yet again, it's all about the boys and their immensely more important pain.

"I look forward to the day when similar fatwas are made against male genital cutting. It probably won't be for a couple hundred years, but I may be wrong - cultural consciousness has been shown to undergo radical and rapid shifts in the past. Perhaps by that time, we'll have female mullahs who can add their voice without the bias of being cut themselves."

Because there's absolutely no difference between circumcision, and slicing off a clitoris, then sewing up the wound with twine. Uh-huh. Yup.