20th Century Fox Answers #HireTheseWomen By Launching Mentor Program

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Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox is launching a mentoring program for women directors.


The move is a welcome step after recent outcry over the lack of women behind the camera at the Big 6 studios in Hollywood. According to Variety, the Fox Global Directors Initiative is designed to help add diverse voices to all aspects of media.

Twenty participants will be selected to join a five-week directors lab. At the end of the lab, five finalists will be selected to receive additional instruction lasting roughly 10 months, culminating in production support and funding for a Fox-branded short. The program is spearheaded by Nicole Bernard, exec VP of Fox Audience Strategy, a unit that spans the studio's film and TV divisions.


The helmers initiative will enlist creative talent across its entertainment holdings as instructors — a group that includes Twentieth Century Fox Television, FX, Fox Broadcasting Company and Twentieth Century Fox Film. Fox has a similar program in place for developing writing talent.


Not a bad start, Hollywood.

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Selena MacIntosh

I was worried #HireTheseWomen was going to get stuck as just a hashtag, but this sounds really promising.