Vanity Fair's "Hall of Infamy" contains Spitzer, Blago, Joe the Plumber, various failed strategists and corrupt Wall Streeters and David Archuleta's father. All bad, but they forgot a few...

Corrie Loftin, AKA "Bikini Cory." She's known as "Bikini Cory" because she earned it.

John Edwards. Fake, phony, fraud. Whose wife had cancer.


Dimitri the Lover, Canada's Greatest Lover and Seducer. We wouldn't have thought it possible, but this ludicrous personage makes Mystery look like a catch.

Speidi: took aggressive mediocrity, flesh-colored beards and general asshattery to breath-stealing new heights.


Bernie Madoff. Made some questionable ethical decisions, like bilking charities, the world for decades, billions.


Megan Johnson. This Stylista took us all back to high school, an automatic fail.

Josef Fritzl. Father of the year - and not in the good way.

Vanity Fair’s Hall of Infamy, 2008 [Vanity Fair]