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20/20 On The Joys Of Labor Pains, Breastfeeding First Graders

Friday's 20/20 delved into several wacky subjects concerning the birthing of babies, including our old favorite, orgasmic childbirth (clip at left). As OB-GYN Christiane Northrup explains, a climactic labor is just basic science.


"When the baby is coming down the birth canal its in all the same positions as the penis going in to cause an orgasm," claims Northrup. Of course! Clearly science tells us that a 7 lb. human coming out of a vagina will cause inspire the same instant orgasmic bliss as a penis going into it.

20/20 would also like to challenge the notion that once a child is in grammar school, it's time for him or her to stop breast feeding. In another segment on the joys of motherhood, Robyn Paul, a woman whose son 6-year-old son, Tiernan, is still breast-feeding, explains that, "We use breasts to sell everything from beer to motorcycles, then a toddler is in mom's arms nursing for what they're supposed to be used for and everybody freaks out." In the clip below, Tiernan describes what it's like to drink from mommies "nummies."


Labor Orgasms Called "Best-Kept Secret" [ABC News]
Breast-Feeding Past Infancy: "I'm Comforting Him"[ABC News]

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As skeptical as Jezebel seems to be of orgasmic birth, I hope it's real and I hope all the baby-making jezzies get to experience a childbirth that does not suck (here's to you lady ovumlord).