1Oak, an overrated NYC hotspot with a troubling reputation for general assholery, has run into more trouble. A federal lawsuit has been filed alleging that manager Francis McHugh, and Olsen-dating owner, Scott Sartiano, fired several minority employees because they wanted "white girls [they] could fuck." One of the waitresses making the claim, an Asian American woman, was told that Sartiano had "a thing about Asians" and wanted "all white girls." (A male bartender also alleges that the club fired him because of his race.) A lawyer for the club claims that these allegations are just coming from "disgruntled employees" who were fired for poor work performance. [Daily News]


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This shit is always so hard to prove, unfortunately. But I think they should be thankful to be out of that place, no matter how it happened — sounds terrible. I'm sure there are plenty of the ridiculous number of new york bars that would be thankful for these people's services...