Thomas Middleditch Reportedly Groped a Queer Woman Who Turned Him Down at a Nightclub

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Two women have come forward to accuse Thomas Middleditch of groping them at a Los Angeles nightclub in 2019.


Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Hannah Harding says that the actor, known for his starring role on HBO’s Silicon Valley, approached her and her girlfriend at the now-closed, members-only Cloak & Dagger and made “lewd sexual overtures.” She declined those proposals, but he continued to pursue her and at one point very publicly groped her.

Kate Morgan, the club’s operations manager at the time, says she saw what Middleditch did to Harding and asked Cloak & Dagger co-founders Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson to kick him out and permanently ban him. (This wasn’t the first complaint about the actor’s conduct, Times reporter August Brown notes.) Bravin and Patterson ignored her, which was par for the course at the now-shuttered venue according to many former members and staff.

Read the full report on the Times’ website (or the un-paywalled version on Yahoo! Entertainment).

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I’ve been to this club. Adam invited me a few times. I personally never had any bad experiences with Adam, or the club, but it seemed a little overrated. Not surprised Middleditch doesn’t respect boundaries, though. Remember this?

It’s all about how he has to beg her to allow him to get away with it, that he sprung it on her after they married, etc etc - not at all like ‘we share this lifestyle’ more like - ‘I constantly push for getting this and she really isn’t ok with it.’