I Had No Idea How Many People Were Horny For Lola Bunny

On Thursday, Entertainment Weekly published exclusive new images from the upcoming sequel to the 1996 masterpiece Space Jam, which is not-so-cleverly titled Space Jam: A New Legacy—and the internet lost its shit. Despite the many times my brother and I forced our parents to watch the original Space Jam as children, my recollection of the half animated/half live-action movie is vague at best. However, the absurdly intense online reaction to the new images made it clear that many people remember Space Jam very clearly—because they were super fucking horny for Lola Bunny.


Unsurprisingly, the “Lola Bunny is a sex symbol” faction of men was VERY UPSET to find that their beloved bunny had undergone a redesign for the upcoming Space Jam sequel. Lola Bunny 2.0 replaces the original character’s signature crop top with a regular jersey, adds spandex shorts under her basketball shorts, and seemingly drops a cup size or two—an unforgivable offense, according to the weirdos on Twitter dot com who insist on sexualizing a children’s cartoon character.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the absurd and concerning tweets of men freaking out over the fact that Warner Bros. dared to make a version of a cartoon bunny that they didn’t want to fuck!!

Some of the most noteworthy responses include:

“How am i suppose to beat to this”

....... Sir, we are talking about a cartoon rabbit from a children’s movie.

This crap is getting so old.

Lets just get rid of everything with sex appeal because it offends a small percentage of people.

Lets act like Women with big boobs don’t even exist.

Oh no!! What will people with big boobs do without busty rabbit representation??????????????


I mean I’ll still knock the fur off it but


Once again, we’re talking about a fucking RABBIT!

Where her titties???? Where her ass????

These men are having breakdowns on the timeline because Warner Bros decided to put Lola Bunny in a properly fitting sports bra!!

Please God, if you’re listening, let these people go outside soon. They clearly need it.

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I mean, have you met men?

Stick a pair of tits on a lamppost and they’ll try to fuck it.